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Distinctive Landscaping promises to deliver beautiful landscaping but that you will never have to worry about cleanup. We leave every site immaculate.


Free Estimates
No two projects are the same. We don't believe in one-price fits all, because we won't skimp on your service. We provide accurate, realistic, and reasonable estimates.


Beautifully groomed landscape
Landscape Services


Distinctive Landscaping is the only premiere full service landscaping company in the Los Angeles area.  Our services include landscape design to brush clearance and everything in between.  



We will professionally install a lush lawn for you. We ensure the correct seed for your climate.


We install colorful flower beds, using creative designs. We can design beautiful gardens including rock beds.


Hate raking leaves or hauling debris? Leave it to us. Reasonable rates!


We will leave your bushes looking beautiful and designed just how you like.


Don't hassle with trying to clean your gutters. It can be frustrating, time consuming, and dangerous. We will do it for you, and do a great job.



We use only the finest fertilizers to achieve beautiful results.


Remove all flammable vegetation or other combustible growth within 30 feet of any structure, or in areas determined to be high hazard.


Irrigation install to repairs



Specializing in the installation and service of residential and commercial irrigation systems.



In an ideal situation, DL would interact with your property throughout its lifecycle, from irrigation installation to maintenance to service and repair. By bringing us in at the “ground level,” you will benefit from the vision of our in-house designer. After all a well-designed irrigation system builds in future needs, requires less maintenance, less water and, delivers more savings over time.



Whether you need a broken head repaired, have a dry spot in your yard, or need an entire irrigation zone reworked, DL irrigation service is here to service your system and make irrigation repairs quickly and efficiently. You’ll never have to think – or ask – twice about a service issue. We pledge to get it right the first time.



Maintenance is probably the most critical – yet the least visible service – offered by an irrigation company. Maintenance is all about anticipating landscape issues before they escalate into problems. Because once plants begin to brown and go into shock – from overwatering or under watering – the damage may already be done.


Handwatering services


Don't trust your landscaping to anyone with a lawnmower.  We offer a wealth of experience and expertise.



We fully understand the importance of making a good ‘first impression’.  We take pride in our Commercial Lawn and Landscape Management Services and will strive to exceed all of your expectations each and every day.

 -Commercial Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

 -Commercial Landscape Design & Installation

 -Commercial Landscape Renovations

 -Commercial Irrigation Service, Repair and Installation

 -Annual Color, Flower Planting and Growing Contracts



We understand that residential service agreements are a special kind of relationship. When we are invited to care for your property, we treat it as we would our own! We take pride in our Residential Lawn and Landscape Management Services and will strive to exceed all of your expectations each and every day.

 -Lawn & Landscaping Maintenance

 -Landscape Design & Installation

 -Landscape Renovations

 -Irrigation Service, Repair and Installation

 -Annual Color, Flower Planting and Growing Contracts

We provide full-service landscaping maintenance services throughout the Greater Los Angeles area (inc. Ventura).  These services include lawn and landscape maintenance, enhancement services and annual flower plantings.


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